This is not the first time we have innovated in growth in business, having previously won The Apprentice of the Year Award in 2018.

 Three years later and we are delighted to be shortlisted for the Inspire Business Awards, which celebrates local businesses in north Hampshire.

The Innovation for Growth award asked entrants to highlight recent innovative solutions, demonstrating how they helped give the business a competitive edge. This was particularly relevant during a year in which many businesses had to make hard choices simply to continue trading, with the engineering and manufacturing sectors hit hard by the pandemic.

Despite the uncertainty, we quickly and confidently made the decision to focus on new and developing markets in order to grow. With a lot of other companies pressing the pause button during the pandemic, we took the approach to drive forward and revisit projects that we had started working on pre-COVID.

One particular project stood out way ahead for potential accelerated development – the Art Scanner.

Art conversation and restoration is a sector we have been investigating for some time, so we took the opportunity to redouble our efforts. The large-scale, digital art scanner captures high-resolution digital images, offering galleries the potential to uncover new insights and gain more understanding into the provenance of their artworks.

By combining high-specification motion control equipment with our bespoke software, the system enables the surveying of artwork and the subsequent gathering of digital data to produce ultra-high-resolution images with extraordinary detail and clarity.

Our large-scale art scanners are already installed in galleries and art institutions in Cambridge, London and Amsterdam, with installations pending in the USA.

We also took the time to design and develop an electro-mechanical system to work in conjunction with a local company’s R&D programme. The system, which measures ultrasound acoustic pressure and intensity via a low-frequency ultrasound scanning tank, will be used in the research into non-invasive cancer surgery and drug dosing across the blood-brain barrier to avoid brain infection.

LG Motion MD, Gary Livingstone, said:

“Both projects provide much-needed technology in two industry sectors, and it is testament to our engineers and the hard work of all our staff that we were able to press on with development during COVID -19.

“When faced with the COVID -19 outbreak, we had to choose whether to watch the company stall or find new avenues to develop. No one in the business considered stalling an option, so thanks to the entire team’s dedication, we were able to be innovative in such challenging times.

“We hope being shortlisted for this award highlights just how effective our whole team is and how grateful we are for their unfailing support.”

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