Leighton Chatfield

By Leighton Chatfield

Since partnering with Arcus we have used every product in the range for various applications and client projects. Recently though we’ve had a flurry of applications that all seem to point to the UMD.

This is interesting for me as it’s not usually so simple to match a specific product to a solution and yet here we are with three applications in as many months that just happened to all point at the UMD as the obvious choice for integration.

It would be obvious to assume that each of the applications were all very similar, but that’s the thing – they weren’t.

They ranged from simplistic linear movements for a spray application to a complicated integration with a 2D laser to create 3D topography imagery for the purposes of studying the displacement of soil on riverbeds after an earthquake.

umd application


The UMD is quite a versatile piece of technology. It’s an encoder infused stepper motor which has an integrated micro stepping drive coupled with a highly capable controller, and, all in a package that’s barely bigger than the standard Stepper Motor equivalent.

  • If we look at the stats we see the benefits of this unit:
  • USB 2.0 and RS485 Communication
  • 6 Opto isolated digital inputs
  • 2 Opto isolated digital outputs
  • 1000 line incremental encoder (4000 counts/rev with quadrature decoding)
  • 2-500 Micro stepping
  • 100mA to 3.0A current setting

Punching Well Above It’s Weight

This little unit is more capable than some large standalone alternatives which just goes to show how impressive the UMD really is. Overall I think it’s safe to say that the UMD is surely a worthy competitor in the face of its larger counterparts.

The UMD unit is available in Nema 17 and 23 sizes with both double and triple stack options, give us a call to find out more.

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