Extended Temperature Step Motors

Extended temperature step motor applications offer some particularly extreme operating conditions. As a satellite rotates in orbit, for instance, its motors experience incredible temperature swings as they move from the blazing sun (+200∞ C) to freezing shadow (-200∞ C) in a matter of seconds. Without a very specialised motor, there is no chance that the motor would operate through a 400∞ temperature cycle.

Other applications can be just as hostile. In infrared observatory installations, where the positioning requirements are extremely precise, the motor and adjacent instrumentation may be cooled with liquid nitrogen.

For superconductor experimentation, the system may be submerged in liquid helium (20∞ Kelvin!) and require a cryogenic motor design.

In rocket applications, the motor may be pumping liquid oxygen.

Of course, there are also high temperature applications that are just as hostile. One recent high temperature example is an automated remote throttle actuator for jet engine testing, which experiences temperatures over 100∞ C with extreme vibration and stringent safety requirements.

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