A comprehensive range of rotary tables and rotary table components with reliable performance and incredible versatility that can be configured to meet unique requirements from the very basic to the highly complex.

The rotary tables enhance the LG series by giving an option for applications requiring a manual or motorised rotation axis.

Rotary Table Features

  • Central aperture for optical and cable services
  • Manual and motorised options
  • Well suited for unbalanced loads
  • Good in position stability
LG Rotary 1000 - Rotary Tables

LGR 1000 Series

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LG Rotary 2000 - Rotary Tables

LGR 2000 Series

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LG Rotary 3000 - Rotary Tables

LGR 3000 Series



LG Rotary 100 - Rotary Tables

LGR 0100 Series

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LG Rotary 0200 - Rotary Tables

LGR 0200 Series

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custom rotary tables

Custom Rotary Tables


A series of sizes and options are available for our rotary tables, each offering a through aperture for services and a selection of motor and encoder combinations to meet your particular requirements.

The instrument type models are designed for laboratory and optical bench applications. The larger models are available as manual or motorised units with the largest capable of handling loads up to 500kg. The precise movement and accuracy are achieved by using a high specification main bearing and thrust race combined with a smooth ratio worm and wheel assembly. The finish on all rotary table models is black anodised.

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