motion technology solutions in the UK

Our experienced understanding and application of motion control technology enables us to deliver bespoke solutions for specific applications. You may just be surprised how far and wide our motion technology solutions can be found across science and industry sectors. See an example from our case studies that show the our level of commitment to You by developing the best solution for your application.

Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the core foundations of LG Motion’s business philosophy. The company is certified to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 for design, manufacture, supply, and installation, and the company applies to same disciplined quality approach to all its other business activities

The quality record of our products is exemplary with only been a handful of systems requiring attention during their lifetime. However, to reassure customers, especially when systems are being installed in critical or remote areas, LG Motion has a Customer Support and Service process that will solve any problem in the minimum time, wherever it is in the world.

Supporting Service

LG Motion value long-term relationships’s systems and ensure that the solution continues to give reliable performace from the day its delivered until the day it is no longer required.

  • Installation – from unpacking to power-up to Site Acceptance Tests
  • Maintenance Agreements – return to our Basingstoke factory and on-site options.
  • Training – held at our Factory or a location to suit.
  • Bespoke Software – written and tested to an agreed specification.
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