The customer required two distinct benefits of upgrading the existing process.

It had to increase productivity by speeding up the process and also improve the look and effective feel of the workplace.

motion conveyor technology


  • To increase production by 20%
  • Decrease waste material by 20%
  • Demonstrable cost saving.
  • Modernise plant and process.


  • The bespoke material cutting system was designed to replicate their existing system, with increased performance.
  • Modern reliable products were used to maximise energy efficiencies.
  • Simple control panel design for production staff.
  • Conveyor installation and testing.
  • Full training given after installation.

Benefits Gained From New Conveyor System

  • Money saved through increased production times (increased production by 25%)
  • Reduced waste by 25%
  • More aesthetically pleasing and productive factory environment.

Products Used

  • MiniTec and Brushless Servo motors with resolver feedback
  • Digital Servo Drive Controllers.
custom roof tile cutting machine
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