A well known medical company approached us to develop a system to automate the printing onto respiratory cups they manufactured. The automated system developed for the medical industry integrates various elements of motion technology with approved printing technology.

The Customers objective was to achieve an easy to use system that would accurately print maximum and minimum water levels and their company logo onto their circular respiratory equipment.

It was important that the system produced accurate and reliable results as the medical respiratory cups are used to aid in the breathing of patients under anaesthetic.

To solve the problem, LG Motion applied their core motion technology experience with engineering skills to provide a simple to use system that met all of the Customers objectives.

The LGR2090 series Rotary table, with fixturing was used hold the respiratory cup equipment and rotate through 360 degrees to orientate with the print head. A linear dovetail slide from the UniSlide series was used to mount the printer output head and index in to the correct position. The Linux printer then sends the information to be printed.

Machine For Printing On Respiratory Cups

The UniSlide and Rotary table were powered by stepper motors that were controlled via a two-axis motion controller. The motion controller also integrated with the Linux printer via inputs and outputs to control the specialist printing process.

The Customer was very pleased with the end result of a UK designed and manufactured quality product that provided clear markings for medical staff and excellent visual brand representation for them.

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