The customer required a router capable of cutting out pockets from credit cards (for smart-chips) through the use of an Human-Machine-Interface.


  • The router needed to be able to move in X, Y and Z and have a high-speed machine head to accurately cut pockets out of the cards.


  • 3 Axis custom design
  • High speed machine head with vacuum system
  • Motion Controller with PLC control
  • MiniTec framework & Safety guard.

Benefits Gained

  • Enabled the customer to cut out any size and shape of pocket without the need of a PC.
  • The newly introduced smart-chip section can easily be cut through the accurate X, Y and Z movement of the router.

Products Used

  • MiniTec framework & Safety guard.
  • Human Machine Interface – LCD Display terminal
  • Linear slides using linear rail and precision ground ballscrews.
Custom Router for Packaging Company
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