A modular XYZ solution to customised requirements.


  • To establish a modular solution to customised requirements
  • It was important to select modular and adaptable positioning stages, motion controls and support frame components that would suit their specific needs.


  • Three axis XYZ gantry with usable scanning area of up to 1000mm x 1000mm x 700mm with positional accuracy to <0.05mm per axis and a positioning resolution of <0.002mm
  • The gantry is configured with dual, parallel X axes with one side motor driven and the other side supported by a linear bearing
  • The Y and Z axes are single BiSlide units
  • Each axis is driven by a NEMA 23 frame high torque stepping microstepping motor set at 1000 steps/rev with a 2mm precision pitch precision leadscrew.
  • Control of each axis made easy with the VIX500IM Microstepping Drive Indexer.

Benefits Gained

  • LG Motion’s BiSlide range used here offers long life and minimal maintenance
  • A customised solution with a fast delivery time.
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