Scientific and Research

motion technology for science

Our products are found across a large span of industrial and scientific applications improving productivity and raising quality standards in an increasingly demanding market. Motion applications across research within science and industry include fuel-rod inspection, synchrotron facility installations, aerodynamic analysis of high-performance racing cars and non-destructive testing of composites.

High-tech Positioning System For Unique Material Test Facility

We have just completed a three-year project with Queen Mary University of London in 2014 to develop a chamber positioning system, helping to enable test variable experiments for speed, cycles and motion profile.

Oxford MEStar Corneal Inspection System

Oxford MEStar approached LG Motion to design and manufacture an integrated handling and vision inspection system to quality check and sort specially packaged ‘corneal scaffolds’.

University Research – Spray Deposition Positioning System

Design and manufacture of an XYZ gantry positioning and motion control system for a research project using for The University of Oxford’s Department of Materials.

Beamline Detector Positioning System – Synchrotron Facility

Diamond Light Source, the UK’s national synchrotron science facility approached LG Motion to design and manufacture a customised Beamline Detector Positioning System for the I24 Microfocus Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) beamline..

Diamond Industry – Cutting Tool Analysis

A leading international diamond organisation required a cost effective positioning system that enabled them to successfully gain force information for a large range of industrial diamond cutting processes.

Medical Industry – XYZ Scanning System

A modular XYZ solution to customised requirements.

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