LG Motion Limited has been appointed by the Anorad Division of Rockwell Automation UK to provide motion controls for its wide range of high precision positioning stages and gantry systems.

The arrangement will marry Anorad CHPS series direct drive linear stages, its Hercules series gantry stages and engineered to order positioning mechanics with LG Motion’s extensive range of motion controls and expertise – focussing on high speed distributed motion controls, advanced servo amplifiers, networked data transfer and acquisition controls from the Canadian specialist PMDi.

Anorad is highly regarded as a technological leader in the design, manufacture and application of precision positioning stages with a thirty year history of excellence, particularly in high speed linear servomotor based systems using both ironcored and ironless direct drive technologies.

The Company is particularly well established in high end applications in semiconductor fabrication and packaging, flat panel manufacture, data storage and laser micromachining. Anorad products  are characterised by their high precision combined with industrial ruggedness and long trouble free life.

Typical specifications for high speed test and inspection positioning systems include velocity to 5 m/s, acceleration to 5 m/s2, and accuracy better than +/- 3 microns per 25 mm. Highly configurable CHPS series linear stages offer positioning resolution to 0.1 microns and travel range to 2 metres, and are available with a wide choice of customisation options.

The PMDi range, exclusively represented in the UK by LG Motion, is centred on the Polaris™ motion and machine control system than runs on the company’s own real-time Gbit/s Mercury™ network.

Comprising multi-axis motion controllers, servo amplifiers plus digital and analogue I/O modules, Polaris is perfectly suited to high speed and high precision positioning with the fastest real-time network available on the market today.

 Polaris™ motion and machine control systemWith a motion capability to 124 axes, the network can synchronise motion, I/O and data acquisition of all amplifier and other modules to within 10 nanoseconds – with the possibility of even faster timing coordination with the optional Pulsar module which reduces the sampling jitter to achieve sub-nanosecond synchronisation. Servo amplifier technologies are available for linear and rotary brushless servo, brushed motors, galvo and voice-coil actuators.

The combination of Anorad high precision positioning stages and PMDi motion and machine controls will enable high throughput motion sub systems for production, inspection and research based applications with LG Motion using its in-house design and manufacture capability to bring these products together as the enabling technology motion systems for its customers.

Gary Livingstone, LG Motion’s Managing Director:

Bringing Anorad high precision positioning stages together with our PMDi line of distributed motion controls allows LG Motion customers the potential for faster time to market and reduced entry costs.

These combined positioning system components allow us develop and build custom designed high throughput positioning systems for OEMs, end users and machine builders – taking the burden and responsibility to deliver to their exact specification.”

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