LG Motion have recently invested in technology that now allows clients to view ongoing projects remotely via the web. Using a wireless web camera, connected to the web via a secure server, customers from across the world can now log-in to see their work in progress or to discuss testing of their product or motion control system.

As a leading UK manufacturer of motion control solutions, LG Motion have a rigid test environment and our engineers can now speak directly to the customer about specific aspects of a project that require attention, with the added benefit of real-time video.

LG Motion Managing Director, Gary Livingstone, said:

The systems we build and the customers we work for demand quality and precision. The use of this technology allows us to collaborate even closer with our customers, minimising the need for expensive and time consuming travel, especially for our international customers.”

For more information, why not call the factory on 01256 365600, email our sales team, or see the video below that demonstrates the web cam in action.

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