polaris cataloguePolaris, the leading platform for the control and synchronization of Servos, Galvos, Lasers from PDMI has a new catalogue available for its motion control products.

Polaris is ideal for OEM machines in the following categories:

  • Optics Manufacturing
  • Laser Material Processing
  • Wafer Stepping & Scanning
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Hardware in the Loop Simulation
  • Data Storage
  • Robotics

Polaris is an advanced motion control solution offering speed, precision and programming flexibility:

  • Fast independent processors for each axis
  • Performance motion control network making it easy to add axes
  • Nanosecond synchronization of data acquisition & control across the network
  • Nanosecond synchronization of lasers and cameras with motion
  • Customisation of path planning, kinematics and servo loops

You can download the Polaris catalogue here, or see our own use of Polaris products in the UK and Europe.

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