To complement our own range of motion control components and products, we work closely with a number of international motion control specialists in order to provide a comprehensive range of motion control solutions.

Polaris – advanced motion control system

The advanced motion control platform, Polaris™, demonstrates speed, precision and programming flexibility. It is the world’s most advanced off-the-shelf platform for the control and synchronisation of servo motors. Motor control applications can be realised by using Polaris software and hardware components which include controls, drives and, digital I/O. Extensive motion control software includes CAD/CAM, operator interfaces, function libraries, executables, HMIs and applications

The system consists of the Polaris motion controller, Polaris amplifier drives and Mercury™ PMDi’s Gbit/s real-time network that provides communication between the controller and the drives.

Speed, precision and programming flexibility

Polaris Laser CNC Architecture

The Polaris Motion System includes powerful easy-to-use software, controllers, drives and peripheral devices for everything you need to control a state-of-the art OEM machine tool.

The controller and drives are connected using PMDi’s super-fast real time motion control network Mercury™. The controller uses Intel processors running standard Linux and real time electronics to manage all the motion, data acquisition and networking tasks.

A Polaris drive provides power to the actuator, computes its own servo loop, and responds to the controller. A dedicated processor in each drive makes higher order feedback filters possible. Servo rates as high as 100 kHz may be achieved. Other Polaris components include digital I/O, analog I/O, and pulse & direction modules.

Performance motion

The Polaris motion controller features advanced path planning including G-code processing, cubic splines, PVT profiles, and jerk control. Example setpoint rates as high as 50,000/s per axis for a system having 8 axes of motion. The Polaris controller and drives perform double floating point calculations for the highest resolution and dynamic range of any motion control system in the industry.

The servo loop executes in the drive where the loop rate is guaranteed. Polaris amplifier drives are used to control demanding actuators, including brushed and brushless dc motors, voice coil actuators and Galvoscanner motors.

Polaris drives offer high-speed, high-precision synchronisation of servos and Galvos with laser and camera triggers.Powerful Computing

Powerful computing

The Polaris motion controller connects to a machine HMI over Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet is supported with a high bandwidth data transfer mechanism. The controller has a large permanent memory which can be used to store motion programs, G-code files, configuration files and can be used for data logging. The controller manages all real-time motion and real time networking tasks with its powerful Intel processor and fast digital logic.

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