UniSlide Dovetail Linear Slides from LG Motion

The product range encompasses a wide range of standard and bespoke motion control systems.

UniSlide Dovetail Linear SlidesUniSlide dovetail linear slides are amongst the most successful and enduring of products manufactured by LG Motion. Their simple design and versatility enables them to be used as manual or motorised units, either singularly or in multi-axis assemblies.

If you need precise, versatile movement in one, two or three dimensions, you can do it more efficiently and most economically with UniSlide assemblies.

A case study – Spray Deposition Research Positioning System

The University of Oxford’s Department of Materials – Oxford Materials – approached LG Motion to design and manufacture an XYZ gantry positioning and motion control system for a research project using innovative spray deposition to manufacture film energy storage electrodes and devices.

The objective was to provide a cost-competitive mechanical positioning and motion control system that would enable a scanned area of 300 mm x 300mm in the horizontal plane, with a vertical axis to position the spray head over 200 mm.

Spray Deposition Research Positioning SystemThe custom-built Spray Deposition Positioning System is based around modular products that have been integrated to match customer requirements. The system specification called for relatively low speeds, low duty cycle and medium precision to perform the required scanning with a load of up to 3kg.

To maintain budget constraints, an open loop stepper motor based positioning system was used, based on LG Motion’s linear dovetail slides, the XSlide range powered by high-torque stepper motors uses standard bracketry and modular mounting to maintain overall flexibility.

A successful conclusion

By working closely with the client through all stages of the development of the project LG Motion were able to deliver on time a customised solution for the project requirement within budget.

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