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Cobot Weekly – Month 2 round up

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≫  Cobot Weekly – Month 2 round up

Cobot Weekly, Where we show you, what cobots can do! 

Week 5 – VGP20

Here we’re showing OnRobots VGP20 pick and place capabilities.

Week 6 – Free-move function

The Free-move function on the Techman Robot gives you:

  • Manual control – allows an operator to manually move the cobot arm to a desired position or orientation.
  • Programming assistance – manually guiding the cobot through the desired trajectory. Operators can teach the robot specific movements or tasks without the need for complex programming.
  • Fine tuning – enables operators to fine-tune the cobot movements by hand, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy for specific tasks.
  • Efficiency – manually positioning the cobot using the free-move function may be quicker, or more efficient, than reprogramming or adjusting automated routines.

Week 7 – Dish washing using path node

The Techman Robot can do almost anything… it can even wash the dishes!

Week 8 – OnRobot Quick Changer

The OnRobot Quick Changer enables you to change grippers in just seconds, it’s lightweight, allows for fast re-deployment and is fully compatible with all OnRobot grippers and tools.


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