If you are looking for ‘ready-to-go’ motion control as part of a solution or supplied for your own integration, we manufacture and supply customised and standard products that use a combination of top quality components.

Our quality portfolio of motion technology components and products enable quick and easy integration for your project.

in and out, up and down, round and round
Working with worldwide partners

We supply electro-mechanical, control, drive and interface components to integrate into your solutions.

Cost-effective collaborative robot solutions for industry.
High precision, innovative and reliable in all environments.
Arcus Technologies
Simple, affordable stepper motion control products.
Trusted precision measurement and motion control solutions.
Precision wound components in military and high-performance commercial applications.
Empire Magnetics Inc.
Quality motors for environments and applications where ordinary motors are unsuitable.
Baumeister & Schack
Quality telescopic lifters, linear guide lifters and actuators.
Steinmeyer Mechatronik
Innovative products and comprehensive advice for unique positioning tasks.

LG Motion Products and Components

LG Series
Compact size, high accuracy and exceptional value.
LG Linear Dovetail Slides
Incredibly versatile with reliable performance.

Custom Solutions

Art Scanners

Large-scale digital photography and multi-spectral imaging solutions for art galleries around the world.

art scanner for galleries

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robotic systems for UK manufacturers and R&D, backed up by the Techman Robot Series.

techman robots

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