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LG Motion – Heidenhain authorised distributors in the UK.

We supply the complete range of Heidenhain Encoders and Feedback Devices as components or as part of a specified solution, especially for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.

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Our expertise and close connections with the manufacturer make us an ideal partner for Heidenhain Encoders:
Heidenhain Encoders UK

  • Heidenhain linear encoders
  • Heidenhain angle encoders
  • Heidenhain rotary encoders
  • Heidenhain digital readouts
  • Heidenhain numerical controls

Our competence in the area of linear and angular metrology is reflected by a large number of customised solutions for users that use the ranges of Heidenhain encoders.

These include in particular the measuring and inspection devices developed and built for many of the world’s standards laboratories as well as angle encoders for various telescope projects and satellite receiving antennas.

If you require more information about the range of Heidenhain encoders or are looking to find a reliable and knowledgeable UK based Heidenhain Encoder Supplier, why not contact us today?

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Measuring Principle

Heidenhain optical encoders incorporate measuring standards of periodic structures known as graduations. These graduations are applied to a carrier substrate of glass or steel. With the incremental measuring method use for example for the ALMA space telescope, the graduation consists of a periodic grating structure. The position information is gained by counting the individual increments (measuring steps) from a datum set to any location. Since an absolute reference is required to ascertain positions, the measuring standard has an additional track that bears distance-coded reference marks. The absolute position on the scale, established by the reference mark, is gated with exactly one measuring step.

Heidenhain Improves Productivity

Products from Heidenhain ensure that machines and plants work productively and efficiently by developing and manufacturing linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts and numerical controls for demanding positioning tasks. Heidenhain products are used primarily in high-precision machine tools as well as in plants for the production and processing of electronic components.

With extensive experience and expertise in the development and manufacture of measuring devices and numerical controls, Heidenhain creates the groundwork for the automation of tomorrow’s plants and production machines.

Angle Encoders

The term angle encoder is typically used to describe encoders that have an accuracy of greater than ±5 angular seconds and a line count above 10,000. These angle encoders are found in applications that require the highly accurate measurement of angles in the range of a few angular seconds, e.g. in rotary tables and swivel heads on machine tools, C axes on lathes, but also in measuring equipment and telescopes.

motion technology engineering company