We design and engineer electro-mechanical motion systems that are used in a wide range of scientific and industrial solutions.

Using world-recognised component partners and by working hand-in-hand with customers, our bespoke solutions help enable research, development and manufacturing to move forward.

in and out, up and down, round and round
Making things that go in and out, up and down, and round and round.

Obviously, behind that somewhat simplistic phrase is a lot of expertise, focus and a team dedicated to in-house development.

Consultative Design

At the core of our business is experience, knowledge and a pragmatic approach to providing motion technology solutions for a very diverse range of applications.

We offer independent consultancy not tied to any one specific product and can explore design options in a confidential environment, very often resulting in reduced development cycles and better solutions, taken to market faster.

LG Motion Design Engineering

Skilled Workmanship

In a time where all business are subject to budget cuts, our clients still understand the quality of an LG Motion product. All of our work is hand finished – you can even come to the factory and see it being produced – and our appreciation for the end-use is impeccable.

Our products are finished to a standard that will demonstrate to you, your management team and  investors that budgets are being spent with the right manufacturing partner.

Products & Components

We work with world-leading partners for electro-mechanical, control, drive and interface components to integrate into our end solutions and also have ‘ready-to-go’ motion control products available which can be supplied for your own integration, including our own customised and standard motion control products.

See the products here

LG Motion Project Management

Project Management

We have a dedicated Project Management Team to ensure close liaison through continuous dialogue and regular joint working groups.

Each major project has its own team responsible for every aspect of your system, from earliest design stages when the precise requirements are identified, through to the development phase where modifications can be agreed and costed, on to final assembly and commissioning.

Custom Solutions

Art Scanners

Large-scale digital photography and multi-spectral imaging solutions for art galleries around the world.

art scanner for galleries

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robotic systems for UK manufacturers and R&D, backed up by the Techman Robot Series.

techman robots

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