Arcus Technology is a global supplier of stepper motion control products founded on the principle that innovative motion control solutions can be simple and affordable.

Arcus Technology

At LG Motion, we not only supply Arcus Technology products and components, we use them in the motion control solutions we develop for customers in a range of industries.

LG Motion provides integrated Arcus stepper motor/driver/controller solutions to ease wiring and connection and by utilising innovative technology, streamlined manufacturing, and efficient sourcing methods, we can keep a tight control on costs.

To fulfil various communication requirements we provide a wide range of motion products with USB 2.0, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and CAN communications interfaces.

Arcus products are designed to ease programming and usage requirements and there is an extensive range of programmes and source code available to help you get started immediately, as well as maintaining the product easily.

Arcus Brochure Downloads

Arcus Technology Brochure

Arcus Technology Brochure

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