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Cobot Weekly – Month 3 round up

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≫  Cobot Weekly – Month 3 round up

Cobot Weekly, Where we show you, what cobots can do! 

Week 9 – Point nodes

The foundation of your Techman cobot programming – Point nodes

Here we show how to use point nodes to move your cobot through points 1-4 using freehand set references.

Week 10 – RobotFit covers 

Is your cobot operating in a dirty, oily or hazardous environment? Protect it with a RobotFit cover!

Week 11 – Techman Robot AI anomaly detection 

Here we use a small piece of wire to simulate a scratch on a piece of material, the AI then detects this ‘scratch’ and highlights the damaged area on the screen.

Week 12 – Techman Robot AI detection 

The Techman AI cobot demonstrates its ability to detect the presence and absence of dice, which faces have been presented, and the quantity of the dice faces.

It then displays these results on screen, highlights the identified dice and gives you the total value of the dice when added together. 

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