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Camera tracker for animation company

The customer required a number of products, including a 2.5m travel linear slide to be used as a camera tracker.

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  • The animators required a number of different scan camera trackers (600 mm, 1200 mm & 2400 mm)
  • Each tracker needed a position counter, vital for accurate scene retakes
  • The slides should be able to be positioned upside down.
camera tracking solution


  • A combination of MiniTec framework and LG Motion system build
  • Custom positioner 2.5 m travel
  • Position counter
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Quick development and production
  • Low cost

Benefits gained

  • Enables the animator to freely & accurately move camera over 2.5 m whilst filming
  • Position counter enables accurate positioning for retakes of scene

Products used

  • MiniTec framework
  • High precision linear guide rails
  • Stepper motor driven using a ball screw system
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