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Lubrication Information

To ensure long-life and maximum reliability additional lubrication should be applied at planned intervals.
LG Slide
All our positioning units, (UniSlide, BiSlide, LG series) are pre-greased at the factory. To ensure long-life and maximum reliability additional lubrication should be applied to the bearings and drive screws (leadscrew, rolled ballscrew, precision ground ballscrew) at planned intervals.
  • The recommended lubricant for the UniSlide low friction polymer bearing pads is a lithium-based grease, light consistency NLG1 grade 1.
  • The recommended lubricant for the BiSlide assemblies is BL-1 oil.
  • The LG series has a range of lubricants to use based on the unit.
  • Leadscrews use a lithium-based grease, NLG1 grade (Per 14oz tin Part number: LG-LUBRIPLATE)
  • Cross roller and linear rail bearings use a mineral oil, CLP or HLP viscosity range of ISO VG32 to ISO VG150.
  • For lubrication with grease KP2K or KP1K (DIN51825) is recommended.

An alternative is a silicon based lubricant which has been tested and proved very effective. This does not however suit all environments. As standard we always use the lubricants stated unless requested otherwise.

Do not use oils, heavy greases or any spray lubricant that may contain solvents. UniSlide and BiSlide will operate without lubrication, with accelerated wear, as required in vacuum or clean room environments.

All lubricants can be ordered from LG Motion at the time of supplying the positioning unit or as a spare at a later date.

Lubrication Intervals

Only a light film of grease is required, excess grease is just pushed off. As a general guide:
Continuous use  (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week) Daily check, lube as needed
Heavy use (up to 6-8 hours a day, 5-7 days a week) Weekly check. At minimum, lube monthly
Regular use (up to 8 hours a day, 1-2 days per week) Monthly check. At minimum, lube quarterly
Occasional use (up to 8 hours a day 1-2 days a month) Quarterly check. At minimum lube annually

Always ensure that leadscrews and bearing surfaces have the appearance of an oily film.

Using any other lubricant than recommended may result in damage to bearing surface, drive nut or leadscrew support bearings.

Operating Temperature

Typical working temperature of positioning units is +5degrees C to +50 degrees C. Customised units for harsher environments are also available.
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