Providing the enabling automation technologies for cutting edge manufacturers and research enterprises.

Providing the enabling automation technologies for cutting edge manufacturers and research enterprises – helping UK plc to rejuvenate its manufacturing base.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of high precision automation equipment,  LG Motion Limited supplies motion control components, mechatronics assemblies and complete motion sub-systems to the UK’s high tech industries and key research organisations. This value-add service fulfils a growing trend by large companies and major research facilities as well as many manufacturing SMEs to outsource key elements of machines to specialist suppliers. In this way LG Motion’s customers concentrate their development efforts on their own area of technological expertise and reduce product development or research programme timescales and their associated costs; with the sound knowledge that important ‘enabling technology’ functions such as high precision positioning and machine automation is designed and delivered fully tested to their own exacting specifications.

LG Motion’s level of service typically supports those niche high technology sectors of the UK manufacturing industry that make a significant contribution to our economy and have helped return the recent quarter-on-quarter growth in UK manufacturing that has bucked the trend in the economy since the banking recession kicked in.

Managing Director, Gary Livingstone holds a firm belief and conviction that automation technology, through motion control holds an important key to the UK’s future growth strategy and success.

These technology based automated positioning  solutions improve productivity, increase manufacturing flexibility, significantly  raise throughput rates, guarantee higher quality manufacture and help prove the important cost of ownership propositions that UK manufacturers need to persuade their customers to embrace. LG Motion’s customers cover a full spectrum of production, inspection and test equipment manufacturers in market sectors such aerospace and automotive manufacturing to medical equipment and pharmaceutical production machinery.
LG  Motion also contributes innovative micro-positioning solutions for research organisations that enable ground breaking studies in areas such as nanotechnology, biomedicine and high energy particle physics. Many of the current projects have long development timescales and will not be realised by the ‘man in the street’ for several years.

Typically combining precision mechanical assemblies, motors, control electronics and software as complete mechatronics assemblies, applications are as diverse as positioning biomedical sensors to within a few thousandths of a millimetre for cancer drug research, helping film makers precisely synchronise the movement of multiple cameras for the latest generation of 3D movies, or providing packaging machine manufacturers with innovative cost reducing multi-axis motion controls to give their product a distinctive market edge.

LG Motion was established in 2004 and has built its strong business position in this way and even through the recent difficult market climate has returned a year-on-year growth averaging ten percent with a continued increase in exports and staff recruitment. Operating from a new 15,000 sq ft production facility in Basingstoke, the Company has made substantial investment in new machinery and equipment and has included apprenticeship recruitment as part of its strategy to ensure a continued knowledge base and future fully trained manpower to sustain projected demands. LG Motion also works closely with local educational institutions and has been awarded prestigious awards for entrepreneurial leadership and export achievement.

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