IT WAS a case of lights, camera and action at award-winning Basingstoke firm LG Motion.

The precision engineering manufacturer, based in Telford Road, Houndmills, which is headed by managing director Gary Livingstone, is to feature in two business programmes that are due to be air on Sky TV this summer.

Directing and filming the programmes, called Inspiring Manufacturing and A Fresh Approach to Manufacturing, David Delcosta, from Collaboration Media, said: “These are programmes that are talking about how manufacturing is going as, with the recession, lots of changes have happened.

“Some manufacturing companies have gone down and some have gone up – these are programmes about what the future holds for manufacturing and how important it is to the UK economy and what the Government can do to improve manufacturing, especially to help our UK economy.”

Impressed with what he saw at LG Motion and with Gary’s affable style, David said: “Our researchers were looking for companies suitable for the programme and found Gary’s one that is going up, and so we wanted to show a positive slant on the manufacturing industry.

“A lot of companies like this company are very niche, and being niche does give you a better chance during an economic downturn.

“You offer a very specific service and not just very general commodities, and that’s why we chose LG Motion.”

Delighted to have been invited to take part in the programmes, and pleased with how the filming went, Gary said he spoke about the company which he set up in 2005.

“It was an ideal opportunity to showcase the business and to try and pass on the enthusiasm and success of British manufacturing for others so they can take in, or invest in, British manufacturing.”

Gary also spoke about how he sees LG Motion as being different from a lot of British manufacturers.

He said: “We listen and try to understand our customers, understanding what their requirements are and what they will be in the future, so we can tailor our knowledge and experience. We are able to do this because we are small and fairly dynamic.”

LG Motion also appears in the Parliamentary Year Book. It includes reference information, reports, features and commentary from leading sources in industry and politics on current business, social and financial issues.

Information about the Basingstoke engineering company can be found under the Manufacturing section and can be seen online by visiting

Gary said: “The book is issued to all Members of Parliament – it is almost their ultimate reference book – and it goes to all the embassies and consulates around world.”

Written by Richard Garfield of the Basingstoke Gazette. See the original article here:

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