SCHNEEBERGER® Lineartechnik is one of the leading names for groundbreaking innovations in the field of linear technology.

schneeberger minirailMINIRAIL is the latest generation of miniature guideways for demanding applications, being extremely robust and proving itself in every application due to its smooth running action, precision and reliability.

The high-precision MINIRAIL miniature guideway is small in size but large in terms of its possibilities, now available in size 5, which means even more defined running behaviour thanks to the patented redirection unit.

The new LUBE-S long-term lubrication for MINIRAIL carriages facilitates uninterrupted, long-lasting and safe use. The ingenious LUBE-S long-term lubrication is an integrated lubricant reservoir.

If you are looking for linear technologies for your next project, why not speak to us about your options and find out more about the new Schneeberger Minirail range, or, download the latest catalogue on the Schneeberger MINIRAIL range.

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