Despite the ongoing challenges for the manufacturing sector in terms of output, at LG Motion we remain passionate about developing talented people, an element of our industry that still forms the basis for the worldwide appreciation of UK manufacturing excellence.

That’s why we are pleased to have recently become an associate member of Skillstree, a project from local organisation Basingstoke Consortium.

Skillstree BasingstokeThe charity works with young people, helping to give them the motivation, self-confidence, attitudes and skills for adult life, and provide them with practical opportunities and experience in the workplace.

Skillstree will deliver a variety of practical workshops, challenges, employer visits, work experience and mentoring and in doing so, help bridge the gap between the skills needed by businesses and those that young people have when they enter the world of work.

Perhaps many of us have forgotten that age [15 and 16] when the future is a little uncertain and we know very little about the workplace and our choices in terms of a career.

Said Gary Livingstone, LG Motion Managing Director;

Because we spend a lot of time at work it’s so important to find an enjoyable career. The opportunity to experience different workplaces and understand the possibilities for these young people is invaluable and as someone who has gone from apprentice to business owner, I still remember my experiences within engineering at a young age. I have been lucky to continue in a career that continues to excite me even today.

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