Airex has been at the leading edge of precision wound components on military and high performance commercial applications since 1950. Their patented technology continues to evolve and provides “best in class” components complementing market demand for the highest levels of performance.


At LG Motion, we not only supply Airex products and components, we use them in the motion control solutions we develop for customers in a range of industries.

LG Motion provides integrated Arcus stepper motor/driver/controller solutions to ease wiring and connection and by utilising innovative technology, streamlined manufacturing, and efficient sourcing methods, we can keep a tight control on costs.

To fulfil various communication requirements we provide a wide range of motion products with USB 2.0, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and CAN communications interfaces.

Arcus products are designed to ease programming and usage requirements and there is an extensive range of programmes and source code available to help you get started immediately, as well as maintaining the product easily.

Ironless Linear Motors

Airex Ironless Linear Motors feature patented coil technology ideal for actuators, precision stages, photonics platforms, semiconductor equipment, pick and place systems, and inspection systems requiring responsive control at high bandwidths. The patented coil manufacturing method provides the highest motor constant (Km) in any similar volume of motor, meaning excellent control at low velocity and superior point-to-point settling times.

Airex C12 linear motor
Airex P12 linear motor
Airex P20 linear motor

Iron Core Linear Motors

Airex Iron Core Linear Motors feature patented coil technology coupled with a unique toothless design that provide the highest slot fill in the industry. This provides an exceptional thermal path for heat to dissipate out of the coil, while maintaining a constant and consistent attractive force and fast response times associated with low electrical time constants inherent in toothless motor design.

Motion platforms can be built less rigidly without loss of performance making them ideal for high force actuators in point to point move applications, alignment and positioning platforms, assembly processes, machine tools, laser scribing, and inspection systems requiring precise control and repeatable positioning.

Airex i38 linear motor
Airex P20 linear motor

Linear Positioning Actuators

The Airex P3 Series™ Positioning Stage offers a meticulous combination of precision, performance and power as demanded by a wide range of automation, packaging, electronic, semiconductor, and life science applications.

Combining true state-of-the-art design AND “plug and play” installation, the P3 Series™ provides a cost-effective alternative to in-house design efforts.

These direct drive motors offer high stiffness, zero cogging, high acceleration, and high speed and are ideal for an application requiring ultra-smooth motion rapid move and settle times with precision positioning for high-speed pick-and-place.

Airex p3 Linear Positioning Actuator

Airex Downloads

Airex iron core linear motors

Airex Iron Core Linear Motors

Airex Ironless Linear Motors

Airex Ironless Linear Motors

For more information, visit the Airex website, or get in touch with us to discuss your requirement.

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