Arcus Mac OS USB DriverArcus Technology has released a software library that allows Mac OS systems to communicate directly to DMX, PMX and ACE products via USB.

This package enables Mac OS developers to create Arcus control applications without a serial to USB bridge. Mac OS integration with Arcus USB motion products will now be a seamless process.

What’s Included:

  • The following items are included in the Mac OS Driver package
  • Mac OS USB driver API (Cocoa Library)
  • Executable GUI implementing the USB API
  • Source code for the GUI (Cocoa)
  • Documentation explaining the USB API, GUI and source codes
  • One-click installer to install all necessary components

Arcus Product Offering

The user-friendly programming language (A-SCRIPT) makes Arcus products one of the easiest stepper controllers to integrate into an automation system and the BASIC-like language is very intuitive, which eliminates the need for software experience to program it.

Arcus Controllers support multi-tasking, which allows you to run up to 2-4 standalone programs simultaneously.

In addition to the Mac OS library, LabVIEW, VB,, C++, C# as well as other common software examples are also available.

LG Motion supply and utilise a wide range of Arcus Technology products for end-user motion control solutions as well as on demand supply for integrated systems.

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