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Top man for Techman Robots

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≫  Top man for Techman Robots

We are excited to announce that LG Motion has become the sales and service representative for Techman Robots in the UK to supply their range of collaborative robots.

Having worked alongside HMK distributing Techman Robots for the last three years, we’re proud and positive that we’ll be able to offer the expertise, knowledge and service that is expected to represent this well-established global brand.

The Techman collaborative robot range will complement our existing automated motion control solutions, and this partnership cements our position as a leading integrator in the industry.

Based on ABI Research (2020) robot shipments forecasts, analysis suggests that the total UK market for robots and automated systems will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% between 2020 and 2030.

The cobot range has been created by Techman Robot. They have achieved outstanding results after three years of entering the market, supported by a strong R&D team from the parent company, Quanta Storage Inc., and by utilising the global resources of the Quanta Group.

The Techman Cobot range consists of six main units:

  • TM5-700 / TM5-900 – These have a reach of up to 900mm and a load capacity of up to 6kg
  • TM12 / TM14 – These are the more industrial cobots offering load capacities of up to 14kg and a reach of up to 1300mm.
  • TM5M-700 / TM5M-900 – These low-voltage versions of the cobots add to their versatility in mobile applications.

With the continuous reduction in implementation costs, manufacturers can now afford to take a much more flexible approach to simple, repetitive tasks in their workflow with cobots.

The collaborative nature of these robots, including sophisticated safety features, allows for previously manual tasks to be replaced by more consistent automated solutions alongside the human workforce and offer considerable cost savings and increased accuracy.

Despite the simplicity of the Techman cobots, it’s the feature-packed solution that allows easy integration with industry-standard hardware and software. The cobots also come loaded with built-in vision for precision positioning, allowing the robot to orientate itself within a 3D space to multiple machine surfaces.

You can find out more about the Techman Cobots here.

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