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LG Motion gets onboard with OnRobot

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≫  LG Motion gets onboard with OnRobot

With the growth in demand for collaborative robots, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding our offering in the UK with the completion of a deal to become an authorised partner for OnRobot, supplying their range of tools for collaborative robot applications.

The Danish company, established in 2011, have a varied product range that features a wide assortment of tools and platforms for collaborative applications. These include electric, vacuum and magnetic grippers; the award-winning Gecko gripping technology; force/torque sensors; a 2.5D vision system; screwdrivers, sander kits and tool changers. Supported by a free “Learn OnRobot” e-learning platform, OnRobot makes it easy to deploy collaborative automation on tasks such as packaging, quality control, materials handling, machine tending, assembly, and surface finishing, regardless of skill level or previous robotics experience.

With analysis from ABI Research ( suggesting that the total UK market for robots and automated systems will grow annually at more than 40% between 2020 and 2030, the OnRobot range is an ideal extension to our existing motion control solutions, which include collaborative robots.

As the cost to implement continues to reduce, manufacturers can now afford to take a much more flexible approach to simple, repetitive tasks in their workflow with cobots.

Collaborative automation has levelled the playing field for small and mid-sized organisations that need to perform repetitive tasks. As robots become easier to implement at a lower cost, tooling is a vital element for adapting to a wide range of applications. Alongside our existing range of Techman robots, OnRobot provides compatibility and versatility beyond compare.

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