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Techman launches 20 KG payload cobot arm

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≫  Techman launches 20 KG payload cobot arm

Techman Robot has furthered its collaborative robot product range with the addition of the TM20 cobot. The TM20 has a payload capacity of 20 KG and a 1300 mm reach.

The TM range of cobots now includes six collaborative robot arms that range in their payload capacities from 6 KG to 20 KG. The TM20 is manufactured to work seamlessly with other Techman products, such as controllers, software and sensors, to provide an easy set up and installation process. This creates a comprehensive automation solution to many different industrial customers but using the click-and-drag method in TMflow allowing the customer to easily program the robot.

As is standard on the TM range, the TM20 can be deployed onboard an autonomous mobile robot (AMR). To make sure the TM20 is suitable for use in various environments, the cobot is supplied with specially made joint covers to protect the cobot from hazardous materials, ensuring smooth and fault-free operation.

Techman states that the TM20 is the perfect cobot for dealing with a number of tasks such as palletising, as an example. Due to the long reach and the heaviest payload out of the TM range, the TM20 is the ideal cobot for such applications.

“We’re delighted to launch the latest cobot from Techman Robot. It expands the capabilities of the TM range, and give industry the tools needed to automate heavy payload applications.” says LG Motion Managing Director, Gary Livingstone.

“As all of the TM range, with the in-built vision, the TM20 is easy to use, reliable and quick to integrate within a safe working environment.”

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