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Techman AI Cobot – The future is here!

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≫  Techman AI Cobot – The future is here!

Native AI engine + Robotic arm + Vision system

Cobots in manufacturing is the key to unlocking productivity.

You can improve the overall performance of your manufacturing process with automation solutions like our AI cobot series, a family of collaborative robots with built-in vision system and AI technology. The TM series cobots help to establish an harmonious work environment where humans and machines collaborate and excel.

Future-proof your cobot with AI

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Quality assurance & consistency
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs

The TM series AI-powered cobots recognise the presence and orientation of their environment and parts to perform visual inspections and dynamic pick-and-place tasks. The software tools allow you to effortlessly apply AI to the process giving you the power to increase productivity, decrease costs, and shorten cycle times. Full integration with the process can be achieved with the AI vision as it can read results from machines or test equipment and make decisions accordingly.

Besides improving automation processes, the TM series AI-driven cobot can track, analyse, and integrate data during production to prevent defects and improve product quality, giving you full control to enhance your facility automation.

techman AI vision

Our TM series cobots are equipped with an integrated vision system, giving the ability to perceive their surroundings which significantly enhances cobot capabilities. Robot vision or the ability to “see” and interpret visual data into command prompts is one of the features that sets us apart. It is a game-changer for accurately performing tasks in dynamic changing workspaces, making operations run smoother, and automation processes more efficiently.

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