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Empire Magnetics Inc. awarded Top 10 Motion Control Solutions Provider

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≫  Empire Magnetics Inc. awarded Top 10 Motion Control Solutions Provider

Empire Magnetics Inc. has been awarded Top 10 Motion Control Solutions Provider by Manufacturing Technology Insights!

Empire Magnetics manufacture quality motor products designed to perform in environments and applications where ordinary motors are unsuitable such as hazardous & nuclear environments, extreme hot and cold temperatures, underwater and more.

The Empire Magnetics product line features 1.8° hybrid permanent magnet stepping motors and selected brushless servo motors for positioning applications that demand:

  • Sealed motors for wet, dusty or hazardous environments
  • Specialty motors for vacuum, radiation and extreme temperature operation
  • High-power stepper and servo gear motors
  • Custom motors and system integration services

Constructed from the highest quality materials, the motors are built to order with more than 30 years of motion control experience driving the design and production.

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