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Cobot Weekly – Monthly round up

LG Motion Basingstoke

≫  Cobot Weekly – Monthly round up

Cobot Weekly; Where we show you what cobots can do! 

Week 1 – OnRobot RG2 gripper

Here we demonstrate the OnRobot RG2 gripper and its pinch sensor safety feature using a Techman Robot.

Week 2 – OnRobot VGC10 vacuum gripper

Here we’re using the VGC10 vacuum gripper to hold up a sign demonstrating its adjustable suction cups.

Week 3 – Path node drawing

Here we are using the TM path node function to draw a heart for Valentine’s Day.

Week 4 – Barcode, QR code & data matrixes reading

Here we’re demonstrating the cobots ability to read barcodes, QR codes and data matrixes.

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