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Cobot Weekly – Month 4 round up

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≫  Cobot Weekly – Month 4 round up

Cobot Weekly, Where we show you, what cobots can do! 

Week 13 – Automatic tool changing capabilities

The combination of the TM cobot and an automatic tool changer allows your cobot to change tools without any human interruption, meaning your cobot can perform more complex tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency!

Week 14 – TM vision system accuracy

With a positioning accuracy of 0.1 mm and a repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm, the Techman cobot is ideal for tasks that require repeatable precision accuracy!

Week 15 – AI OCR (optical character recognition)

Demonstrating the Techman cobots ability to read obscured font, small font, characters and symbols. Perfect for pick and place, sorting and any other applications with characters and or symbols involved!

Week 16 – AI classification

Here we use the TM cobot AI vision system to classify undamaged and damaged objects. This is ideal for detecting and sorting any imperfections, damaged parts or materials on your production lines!

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