Our Dovetail Slides are modular systems of positioning stages that allow you to quickly and easily create a complete single or multi-axis system by simply bolting together modular components.

Because BiSlide components are all standard and interchangeable, if the task changes or ends, you can readily disassemble the components and put them to work elsewhere.

LG Linear Dovetail Slide Assemblies Brochure

LG Linear Dovetail Slide Assemblies Brochure

Our engineering team can advise on our ranges of linear slides to ensure you have the right component for your application.

Features and Benefits of BiSlide

  • Modular design resulting in fewer parts and lower costs
  • Higher strength to weight ratio – uses hard aluminium alloys and a rigid I-beam cross section
  • More compact than most ball screw driven stages
  • Self-holding – unlike ball screws, the 1 or 2mm lead screw will not creep or backdrive
  • Resistant to impact loads
  • Natural wiping action expels debris
  • Gradual wear not sudden failure of rolling element type screws and guide-ways
  • Corrosion resistant to anodised finished
  • Low friction and can operate without lubrication

If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll find the BiSlide system is easy to upgrade and service to keep up with your rapidly changing marketplace. If you’re a researcher, you’ll like BiSlide’s ease of configuration and expansion for different projects. Everyone appreciates BiSlide’s durable construction and low cost.

BiSlide Assemblies

  • Modular, Compact, and Durable
  • Rugged, 45 degree opposing way guides carry high loads in all directions
  • Long life anodised ways as standard
  • Improved lead screw drive for higher thrust capacity
  • Simple modular designs eliminates adaptor plates and brackets
LG Motion Bi-Slide Assemblies

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