UniSlide dovetail slides continue to be one of our most successful products. Their simple design and versatility enables them to be used as manual or motorised units, either singularly or in multi-axis assemblies.

If you need precise, versatile movement in one, two or three dimensions, you can do it more efficiently and less expensively with UniSlide assemblies.

LG Linear Dovetail Slide Assemblies Brochure

LG Linear Dovetail Slide Assemblies Brochure

Our engineering team can advise on our ranges of linear slides to ensure you have the right component for your application.


  • Unique rigid dovetail design.
  • Light-weight, high-strength aluminium alloy.
  • Resistant to impact loads
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Manufactured by Us in the UK
  • Non-magnetic
  • Suitable for vacuum, 10-6 torr
  • Manual or motorised versions
  • Simple, Strong, Durable design.
  • Modular for easy multi-axis combinations

With over 1 million supplied throughout the world, UniSlide’s simple design, rugged, reliable operation has been successfully proven in thousands of applications across science and industry.

Design advantages

UniSlide assemblies are the fast, versatile, economical way to put motion into your product or research project.

  • A compact design that delivers maximum travel in the shortest amount of work space
  • A simple, reliable design that’s been time-tested in thousands of applications
  • A modular design that allows easy construction of multi-axis systems
  • A broad range of standard lengths, sizes and features to ensure compatibility with most requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Customising to accommodate special circumstances or uses.

UniSlide dovetail slides are manufactured from precision extrusions of high grade aluminium alloy. Low friction polymer bearings are fitted to the slider for long service life, free from significant wear. Dovetail base surfaces are precision machined and lapped. UniSlide can be customised and configured to precise requirements as each one is made to order, often within one week.

Typical Applications

  • Alignment
  • Inspection – QA & QC
  • Optical focusing
  • Antenna alignment
  • Camera positioning
  • Ultrasonic scanning
  • Laser beam alignment
  • Fibre optic manufacture
  • Pick & Place
  • PCB drilling & routing
  • Medical and biological analysis and research

Custom Options

  • Thumb screw locks
  • Variety of finishes
  • Revolution counters
  • Adaptors and brackets

An optional hard anodised finish with PTFE impregnated base section are available on request. For high vacuum and other sensitive applications, plain hard anodising and polymer inserts are also available.

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