A leading international diamond organisation required a cost effective positioning system that enabled them to successfully gain force information for a large range of industrial diamond cutting processes.


The customer wanted a system that not only cut their diamonds, but also measured and recorded the resistance on the blade, to obtain a higher degree of accuracy whilst cutting. The resulting information can then be used to gain a consistency in cut, cutting performance and ultimately the quality of the finished product.

Industrial Diamond Cutting Development Tool

The Engineered Solution

To solve the problem, we applied our core motion technology experience with engineering skills to provide a robust system that met all of the Customers objectives.

The custom built development system is based on a standard LG Motion motorised elevator table with a servo motor controller and torque measuring instrumentation.

The motorised elevator table is programmed to move the blade up and down onto the diamond at pre-determined rates. The diamond cutting wheel is powered by a servo motor that is run in torque mode so that any changes in resistance seen by the wheel is fed directly back into the motion controller, with the resulting data acted upon. All data is measured and recorded for on-going analysis and process improvements.

Additional parts supplied and integrated to complete the full system solution included a cutting tank, torque measurement instrumentation, data acquisition and ancillary engineering all by LG Motion Ltd.

The Result

The successfully completed project resulted in a higher degree of cutting accuracy and consistency in quality. The knowledge gained from the recordings of resistance from the blade, as it cuts different materials in varying conditions, proved invaluable for the long-term development of the Customers technology.

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