The Titan-SVX from Arcus is the first universal, intelligent single-axis servo motor driver and controller available which can learn patterns of motion and anomalies in real time.

The “2nd Sight Technology” (patent pending) is unique in having a built-in motion pattern learning and monitoring technology with motion healthy trend and fault prediction capability.

This new product is packed with innovative features and represents a real breakthrough in advanced intelligent motor drivers which are able to fulfil the aims and objectives on Industry 4.0.

Key Features

  • Real-time closed loop servo driver controller for stepper, BLDC, linear and voice coil motors.
  • Easy to use software with intuitive text-based multi-thread stand-alone programming together with advanced graphing and probing functions.
  • Built-in 2nd Sight Technology which is a patent-pending multi-dimensional motion state and pattern recognition algorithm with edge data analytics.
Arcus Titan-SVX – Transforming Stepper Motors into Servo Motors


  • 2 pin power connector
  • 4 pin motor connector
  • 15 pin DSUB encoder connector
  • 15 pin DSUB motion DI0 connector
  • 4 pin RS-485 connector

Power specification

  • 12-48 VDC
  • 8 Amp peak current

The Arcus Titan-SVX is available from LG Motion in the UK, so if you’d like more details, please get in touch.

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