Investment in new machinery for our Basingstoke factory

LG motion is a specialist design and engineering company creating electro-mechanical motion technology systems for science and industry. Put simply; we make things that go In and Out, Up and Down & Round and Round.

With an established client list and confidence in our future workload, we recently invested in a new machine to complement our existing plant list.

The newly installed high-speed milling centre is capable of machining components 850mm long, 540mm wide and 300mm high, complete with integrated verification.

From our head office in Basingstoke, we work in close partnership with clients from a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Medical, Energy and Motorsport, and design and build motion technology solutions to move products and automate processes.

New machinery means we can keep core processes in-house, enabling us to improve efficiency further and maintain quality as we look to the future of our industry.

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