Non-Destructive Test Equipment (NDT) is used extensively to analyse and measure for defect-free high precision components and fabrications in a wide range of industries where manufacturers pursue the highest degrees of component integrity and reliability.

Dorset base Precision Acoustics approached LG Motion to design and manufacture a very specific drive and control system for their latest generation of ultrasonic scanning and measuring equipment for an NDT system.

The requirement

high-performance, non-destructive testing ultrasonic scanning systemThe high-performance scanning system developed by Precision Acoustics requires ultra-fast precision controlled scanning speeds which therefore calls for an extremely exacting drive system specification which LG Motion was able to meet.

Drive system specification

The equipment consists of an XYZ Linear Servo & Stepper System, mounted on a frame consisting of 2 Linear Servo Motors and 1 Stepper driven vertical axis.

  • Both X and Y axes are coupled to a linear bearing assembly with Duralloy coating whilst the Z axis has a standard LG series linear slide assembly.
  • Each axis is fitted with a 0.001mm resolution linear encoder along its length.
  • The XYZ assembly will typically meet or exceed a specification of:
    • Positional Accuracy: <0.05mm over length of travel
    • Linear Repeatability: <0.001mm, uni-directional
    • Linear Encoders: 0.001mm resolution, magnetic
    • The working speed of the Y axis is up to 800 mm/second and the X axis 00 mm / second.
    • Each linear axis is fitted with 0.001 mm resolution magnetic encoders.
    • All slides are fitted with end of travel limits.

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