Working with some of the leading component manufacturers in the world enables us to offer latest technology for delivery and integration into our end-user motion control solutions. MINIRAIL from Schneeberger will help further position us as we look to help our clients optimise their working.

Schneeberger MINIRAIL miniature guideways meet your modern requirements in terms design. The styling, choice of materials and surface consistency of the ball recirculation unit and ball run-in ensure minimal pulsation and consequently optimal smooth running.

The Schneeberger MINIRAIL range includes eight rail widths and up to four different carriage sizes and is available with integrated measuring system.

Schneeberger MINIRAIL


  • Robust and extended service life thanks to the carefully conceived design without the use of bolted ball recirculation units and end plates.
  • High speeds (5 m/s) and accelerations (300 m/s²) ensure short cycle times and high levels of productivity.
  • The low travel pulsation ensures smooth and consistent running.
  • High temperature range (- 40° C to + 80° C, momentarily max. + 120° C).
  • Replaceable carriages make maintenance and storage easier.
  • The low clearance between carriage and rail helps to protect against contamination.
  • Vacuum-compatible up to 10-7 mbar.

Low-cost customer-specific preferences

  • Defined displacement forces
  • Matched rails and carriages
  • Special lubrication and packaging
  • Design modifications

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